Coronavirus (679) The Lancet: Community participation is crucial in a pandemic

29 May, 2020

Citation and selected extracts below.

CITATION: Comment| The Lancet, volume 395, issue 10238, p1676-1678, may 30, 2020

Community participation is crucial in a pandemic

Cicely Marston, Alicia Renedo, Sam Miles

Published: May 04, 2020



Community participation is essential in the collective response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)...

Incorporating insights and ideas from diverse communities is central for the coproduction of health, whereby health professionals work together with communities to plan, research, deliver, and evaluate the best possible health promotion and health-care services...

Managing participatory spaces takes sensitivity and care to recognise and harness the different types of knowledge and experiences brought by diverse communities and individuals...

First, governments should immediately set up and fund specific community engagement taskforces to ensure that community voice is incorporated into the pandemic response...

Second, those of us working to address COVID-19 in the health and social care sectors and beyond should look to existing community groups and networks to build coproduction...

Third, policy makers working on the COVID-19 response should ensure citizens understand that their voices are being heard...

Community participation holds the promise of reducing immediate damage from the COVID-19 pandemic and, crucially, of building future resilience.


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