Coronavirus (696) Community engagement in pandemics - Findings of rapid evidence review and on-going consultation

4 June, 2020

Over the last month, a co-production team of Community Health Community of Practice members have undertaken a rapid evidence review to explore how Community Engagement strategies can be used for COVID-19 response.

Within this, we explored community actors and structures (excluding Community Health Workers, as such work has already been conducted), and how they have been used in previous outbreaks. We found evidence on local leaders, community groups, volunteers and many others, who implemented activities relevant to SBCC, Risk Communication, surveillance, logistics and more. We hope that this review will be useful to yourselves or your organisations. We invite any comments or feedback.

Please read the brief that highlighted how community engagement can be used for COVID-19 prevention and control:

We are also planning a Webinar towards the end of June to disseminate this research, and are planning a peer-reviewed publication - so stay tuned for communication on both of those.

In parallel, the Community Health Community of Practice is hosting a consultation where all who are interested are invited to contribute to this global survey.

As countries are at different levels of managing the pandemic, it would be useful to gather information in a systematic way how countries are innovating and involving the community networks to support their health care workers. The findings will help to understand variation across countries, the gaps that exists and how community engagement can be further strengthened as part of health system delivery in context of health emergencies, The findings represented with info-graphics, briefs, will add to policy guidance and will be widely shared among countries’ program managers and policy makers for learning and adoption of some of the innovative practices.

You can access the survey and a brief guidance note here:

It will be helpful if you can share within your networks.



HIFA profile: Sanghita Bhattacharyya is a Senior Public Health Specialist, Community of Practice- Community Health & Public Health Foundation of India. sanghita2214 AT