Coronavirus (814) Waste and harm in covid-19 research

11 July, 2020

Dear HIFA colleagues,

Below are the citation and extracts of a letter in The BMJ.

CITATION: Waste and harm in covid-19 research

Too much information, too little evidence: is waste in research fuelling the covid-19 infodemic?

BMJ 2020; 370 doi: (Published 06 July 2020)

Virginia Casigliani et al.

We agree with Glasziou and colleagues that the current pandemic is witnessing a paradox in scientific dissemination. The striking publication rate, boosted by preprint servers, is often wasted because of flawed methods...

Although preprints might be corrected or retracted, their media coverage remains, especially on social media, where the cherry picking of evidence is sometimes artfully mixed with overt fake news...

The scientific community should provide clear, high quality, accurate and timely information, to support healthcare professionals in managing the pandemic and to increase trust in the institutions.

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