Coronavirus (822) Global responses of health science librarians to the COVID-19 pandemic

13 July, 2020

CITATION: Yuvaraj M . Global responses of health science librarians to the COVID-19 (Corona virus) pandemic: a desktop analysis.

Health Info Libr J. 2020 Jul 09. e12321



The COVID‐19 pandemic has posed significant challenges for health science librarians. During this pandemic, librarians are playing an active role by increasing the public’s awareness of the virus, maintaining document delivery services and providing research support. This paper uses the method of desktop analysis of the websites of selected library associations to identify the responses of health science librarians to the COVID‐19 pandemic. The study highlights significant initiatives taken by some health science librarians which can be replicated by others to meet the needs of library users in the COVID‐19 health crisis.


The role of academic health librarians now includes controlling fake information and providing authentic, updated information to health workers and the public.

Librarians have a key role to play as the quantity of information explodes. Coren (2020) observes that scientific papers on COVID‐19 are doubling every 14 days.

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