Coronavirus (830) BBC: No, these tests don't damage the brain

18 July, 2020

Extracts below from a BBC news article. Full text here:


'Claims that coronavirus tests can harm people are circulating on social media.

A picture showing a swab test being taken has been circulated widely on Facebook and Instagram along with claims that the swab is taken at the "blood-brain barrier".

The idea you could access the blood-brain barrier through a swab up the nose is a complete misunderstanding of what it is and how it works...

A combined nose-and-throat swab is routinely used to test for Covid-19 in the UK... The false claims started to emerge in US-based Facebook accounts on 6 July and some versions include calls to refuse testing altogether...

In a post shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook this week, a fan page for Fox News host Tucker Carlson shared a news article about contaminated test kits saying: "You want Covid-19? This is how U get it!"

The full Washington Post article, which was published in June, details the findings of a federal review which found that faulty tests and lab procedures caused delays to the rollout of the CDC's testing programme. It doesn't suggest that faulty test kits could have passed on the virus to any patients. The article is behind a pay wall, which means most people seeing posts sharing the article would read the headline out of context...'


The article relates to UK. Are you hearing similar misinformation in your country?

Best wishes, Neil

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