Coronavirus (834) Introducing the COVID-19 Digital Classroom

18 July, 2020

Dear Neil,

I am delighted to share our global initiative to provide high-quality, medically reviewed, multimedia content and training courses for community-based health workers and local communities globally, the COVID-19 Digital Classroom <>. Curating existing best-in-class resources, and creating new open-source content specifically designed for health workers working in urban and rural settings in low-income countries, the COVID-19 Digital Classroom is a unique collaboration between global partners who are committed to supporting community-based health workers to save lives. These critical resources are hosted in one trusted place online - the COVID-19 Library.

The COVID-19 Digital Classroom is a partnership between the Community Health Academy at Last Mile Health, CORE Group, Medical Aid Films, TechChange, Translators without Borders, and UNICEF.


Please join us on *July 22nd, 2020 at 8 am EDT*, to hear how partners are leveraging digital technologies, curating existing high-quality content and developing a suite of new, medically-reviewed animations and short training courses to ensure every community-based health worker has the information they need to help their own communities wherever they are providing care in the world.

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Warm regards,

Magnus Conteh, BSc. Ed, MA, MHSc. Hons

Executive Director, Community Health Academy

*Last Mile Health* | Boston

P.O. Box 130122, Boston, MA 02113

Mobile: +1 (617) 529 -1807 | Skype: crispymag |

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HIFA profile: Magnus Conteh is executive director of Community Health Academy, a global platform established by Last Mile Health to train, empower and connect community health workers, supervisors, and health system leaders. mconteh AT