Coronavirus (857) The Change in Attitude of Nigerians towards COVID-19

25 July, 2020

Change in attitude of Nigerians towards covid-19 occur when there is high increase in the report of the results obtained during the testing of covid-19 in Nigeria. Nigerians start showing different bad attitude towards covid-19 by saying that covid-19 is not real, it involves political conspiracy, Covid-19 never exist in Nigeria, Government should give Evidence-based videos of who contact the virus and many more.

This prompt me and my team to write a short communication research on change in attitude of Nigerians towards covid-19 because when there is low reported case, the fear and attitude of covid-19 is high and well address by following the necessary procedures, but as the cases reported increases, the attitude changes.


Since the discovery of COVID-19 in March 2020 in Nigeria different behavioural change has been observed amidst the citizens of the country towards the pandemic. At first, people were afraid of the pandemic and this was confirmed through their response to the measures given by the National Centre for Disease Control which include social distance, use of nose masks and sanitizers, curfew, and lockdown of crowded places. These measures have been effective in curbing the transmission of the disease in the country.

In Nigeria, as at June 26th have 23,298 cases, 8,253 discharged cases and 554 deaths caused by COVID-19. Of recent, change in the attitude of people towards the pandemic has been observed as they no longer fear the impacts of the pandemic. People now go out without using their facemasks, churches are opening and some are even spreading false information about the pandemics. Pitifully, the number of cases in Nigeria has increased drastically in the past 3 weeks.


The role of cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, avoiding handshakes and close contact with people, having high index of suspicion, avoiding close contact with subjects suffering from acute respiratory infections, avoiding unprotected contact with farm or wild animals [*see note below], strengthening healthcare systems, regular washing of hands with water and soap thoroughly for at least 30 seconds and use of sanitizer cannot be undermined in the protection of individuals from contracting the virus. People should also realize that some carriers of the virus are asymptomatic and those with symptoms should self isolate and seek medical help immediately.

The link is included below:

CITATION: Abdullahi Tunde Aborode et al. “The Change in Attitude of Nigerians towards COVID-19”. AIJR Preprints,133, version 1, 2020.

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): As HIFA member Bernard Seytre wrote in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene [, public health messaging to avoid contact with animals has 'no scientific basis, as the animal spillover of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 was presumably a unique event that occurred in China'. This misinformation was possibly started by erroneous information on the WHO Afri8ca Regional OIffice website, which has since been corrected.]