Coronavirus (878) Weekly update no.17 - Evidence Aid COVID-19 project

6 August, 2020

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Dear Friends (with apologies for any cross-posting),

Here is the 17th weekly update on our COVID-19 project.

Highlights: The number of users on the website has now exceeded 210,000. The highest number of visitors to our website were from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Iraq, El Salvador, Egypt, Algeria, United States, Lebanon, and Colombia.

Evidence Aid COVID-19 Weekly Bulletin

Report covering 7 days to 4th August 2020 -<https://eur01.saf...

Systematic review summaries

375 summaries on the website in total (5 added in this period); 2 combined summaries updated (both on use of face masks); 95 summaries in progress.


359 in Arabic; 359 in Chinese (simplified); 359 in Chinese (traditional); 358 in French; 43 in Italian; 358 in Portuguese; 358 in Spanish.

Literature searches

0 searches completed in this period; 0 searches in progress; 410 records screened.


A total of 63 amazing volunteers (39 summary writers; 10 screeners; 14 information specialists/librarians) from 15 countries. If you would like to volunteer with us, please contact Claire Allen (

Digital engagement

32,702 people have used the Evidence Aid website in this 7-day period for a total of 213,751 users since we started collecting data in mid-March. Our top ten countries this week were: Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Iraq, El Salvador, Egypt, Algeria, USA, Lebanon, Colombia.

The summaries with most views this week were N95 respirators and surgical masks for preventing transmission of respiratory infections to healthcare workers,< (in Spanish) N95 respirators and surgical masks for preventing transmission of respiratory infections to healthcare workers< (in Portuguese) and Rehabilitation and early mobilisation in the critical patient< (in Spanish).


We are grateful to Twitter, who have granted us substantial pro-bono advertising. Among others, we are collaborating with WHO, Public Health England, PAHO, Queen's University Belfast, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland, Cochrane, Campbell, Translators Without Borders, Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative, the Irish Global Health Network, Health Service Executive Ireland, McMaster University (COVID-END), the American University of Beirut Knowledge to Policy Center (k2P) and Oxford PharmaGenesis. Evidence Aid are supported by H2H, with funding from UK Aid, and by a core grant from Oxford PharmaGenesis. As a direct result of presenting our work to Oxford Pharmagenesis recently, we had several additional volunteers come forward.

Best wishes,


Claire Allen, Operations Manager

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