Creating The Health Cube to address patient health illiteracy

5 August, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Please read below on the importance of The Health Cube that we are building here at Health Care Transformation to create positive impact on patient health. Please consider backing us and sharing with your networks!

What are we doing?

We are working on building an online platform [] + app that assists individuals and their families in navigating the healthcare system and managing their health. We're taking the complexity and confusion out of the process.


In the U.S., 9 out of 10 adults are considered "health illiterate" and don't have the basic understanding of how to properly manage their care or prevent diseases

Health literacy has a huge impact on outcomes (even mortality rates), patient experience, and direct costs

Almost 60% of hospital ER visits are avoidable and primary care/urgent care treatable

Over 50% of hospital admissions are preventable

Nearly half of Americans are taking their medications wrong

We believe that NO human being should ever suffer from avoidable pain, disease, or death due to lack of understanding, knowledge, and empowerment.

How are we addressing the issue??

The Health Cube [] is the first-of-its-kind online platform and app to make health care easy + digestible--no more complexity or confusing medical jargon! It will be filled with curated + comprehensible videos, tools, and coaching from top healthcare experts so everyone can better navigate the healthcare system.

Two days ago, we launched our first crowdfunding campaign for The Health Cube on Indiegogo (the top crowdfunding platform to help entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life )!!! Our goal is $71,500 and in our first week we have raised over $2,000! We would love your support!

We will utilize the contributions from our crowdfunding campaign to interview top healthcare experts, script + film high quality 4k videos, and create toolkits with key tips on the topics that matter most to consumers--all on a sleek, easy-to-access web + app platform. We already have a few leading health systems that want to partner with us on content!

It would be AWESOME if you could take some time to review our page, provide any feedback, and contribute to our goal (only if you want). Please don't feel obligated! I'd also be just as thrilled to have your support and for you to share what we're doing with your network! Projects with early backers + more engagement do get boosted in the Indiegogo system.

Could you PLEASE :

Visit our crowdfunding campaign + contribute if you want + provide us any feedback or topics you want covered (feel free to share a challenging healthcare story with us too!)

Like our company's LinkedIn page [] to follow any updates

Share! Share! Share! Please share with your network or anyone who would like to help us transform health care!

Let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your support SO SO much!!!




Meghan Nechrebecki, MSPH

Founder and CEO

Health Care Transformation

HIFA profile: Meghan Nechrebecki is Founder and CEO of Health Care Transformation, Los Angeles, USA. The goal is to create a high-value cost-effective health system for all individuals across the U.S. and, in doing so, empower patients and providers to better manage their care, optimally navigate the system, and achieve their best health. meghan AT