Creating a Home based out of practice Lady Doctors Tele Health network by training them in Maternal and Newborn Mortality prevention (2)

7 June, 2019

Kudos Sania, this is an impressive project. Its outcomes will improve access of people to doctors and also bring more doctors into practice, something that a country like Pakistan really requires. I also wondering what the level of adoption of tele-medicine by the populace is and how you are working on getting them to use this. This will go a long way in the sustainability of the project in the short and long run. I hope you secure requisite funding and support to keep this project active.

NB: The statistic that 75% of female doctors in Pakistan don't eventually practice because of the social system is startling, I am wondering what the government is doing about mitigating this situation.

Ayomide Owoyemi [MBChB (ife), MScPH (Lagos)]

"Our job in life is to help others live better lives"

HIFA profile: Owoyemi Ayomide is a medical doctor and Masters in Public Health student at the University of Lagos, He currently works as a strategiat with Common People's Health in Nigeria. He is also a Carrington Youth Fellow. Professional interests: Maternal and Child health, Health education, Health financing. ayomideowoyemi AT