Diarrhoea prevention and control - what can children do (2)

29 November, 2019

I will like to appreciate the efforts made by the group on the issue of diarrhoea. A lot of information has been gotten and I am in the field now training village health workers and other Health care personnel on diarrhoea prevention and also on hygiene and sanitation promotion. Many thanks to Mr Neil and Mme Clare Hanbury . Posters from Mme Clare are an additional booster. The health aspect due to the crisis in Anglophone Cameroon has been forgotten completely and BARUDEV is taking this as a challenge to assist communities with displaced people to improve on their health situation.


Chia Benard Ful

Director BARUDEV

CHIFA profile: Chia Benard Ful is a Medical Lab Technician at Boyo Association in Cameroon. barudev AT yahoo.co.uk