Disease Burden and Factors and Public Health responses - Epidemiological Modelling

6 September, 2019

Currently I am participating alongside a local team in Kazakhstan who are creating an integrated approach to epidemiological surveillance and disease prevention.

This involves the assessment of indicators and my role is to benchmark against international (best) practice. I am investigating

- Composite, incidence and mortality indicators in public health for non-communicable diseases

- Forecasting, modelling and surveillance

- Public health approaches to prioritise as a result

Has anyone got experience of building a disease burden model for their country? In particular it would be good to hear from people with experience of DALYs. How useful have you found them? What interventions have you made in response to the data? What were the results?

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HIFA profile: Duncan Enright is Managing Director at Evidence-based Networks Ltd in the UK. Professional interests: Building point of care knowledge tools to improve outcomes for patients, professionals and governments. He is a member of the HIFA working group on Prescribers and Users of Medicines.



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