ecancer: The increasing importance of cancer control in Africa (8)

30 July, 2019

Thanks a lot Dr. Joseph Ana for your very valuable contribution. Yes I agree that cancer prevention can be started at the primary care level. But we need to identify areas to focus on like giving IEC (health education) messages on diet and eating habits, social habits of drug/substance/tobacco abuse, alcohol intake and lack of exercising.

These health education messages should target identified key populations like the adolescent youth who indulge in these practices as chilling methods for relaxation.

Also there is need for us to invest in the purchase of equipment like the PET scan that can be used to diagnose cancer cells very early in any part of the body. It would be nice if the PET scan can be provided at tertiary

hospitals with trained Oncologists and radiographers who will be able to diagnose the cancer at its early stages.

I also feel that there is need to conduct research studies on the impact of Surgery, surgery and chemotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the different stages of the cancer disease.

Kindest Regards.

Dorothy Chanda

*Dr Dorothy Chanda (PhD). *

*Head of Public /Global Health, Researcher, Course Co-ordinator & Senior

Lecturer in Public Health Nursing *

*Dept of Nursing Sciences,*

*School of Medicine,*

*University of Zambia.*


HIFA profile: Dorothy Chanda is the Head of Global/ Public and Community Health Unit at the School of Nursing Sciences at the University of Zambia. She is a Senior Lecturer and a Researcher and Author. She holds a PhD in Public Health. Her interests include research, capacity building in health, community health nursing and teaching. dorothy.chanda AT