Educating people about the cost-effectiveness of treatment options (2)

11 June, 2019

Good day Narendra

I agree with your view.

I would also like to add another dimension in which we have to look at whether the service provider has sufficient knowledge to pass on to the client with regards to the treatment options.

Perceptions of society might also point out that more expensive options may be associated with better outcomes.

In most settings also, information on treatment options, especially on medicines, is provided to the healthcare provider through marketing departments of various pharmaceutical companies. The marketers then package information on expensive options to make them appear as if they are the best and only option. This bias is passed on to the client.

ln my opinion, provision of and use of standardised treatment protocols which take into account the overall cost of treatment options would ensure cost effective treatment. As in this instance a Public Health approach would be applied.


Venus Mushininga

HIFA profile: Venus Mushininga is a pharmacist at the Cancer Centre Pharmacy in Zimbabwe. Professional interests: Oncology, Dissemination of information through to Health Professionals and the public, Research. She is co-coordinator of the HIFA working group on information for Prescribers and Users of Medicines.

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