Emancipatory Research experiences (4)

23 July, 2019

Dear Rakesh,

thanks for sharing the case histories with me.

Probably these are not emancipatory research case studies, in the sense that you are not training a group of TB patients to conduct research on problems faced by TB patients or training a group of persons needing cardiac surgery to conduct research on other persons needing cardiac surgery. Rather these seem like researches carried out by medical personnel or medical students to understand the challenges faced by specific groups of persons from inappropriate treatments.

I am looking for experiences where the marginalised groups (like TB patients or persons with chronic conditions) are trained to become researchers and they conduct the research.

Warm regards,


Dr. Sunil Deepak

Consultant, AIFO/Italy

HIFA profile: Sunil Deepak is a medical doctor with a long experience at international level in the areas of leprosy control, community health, and disability and rehabilitation programmes, especially in research, training and evaluation. For about 3 decades he worked with an Italian NGO AIFO and collaborated with the Disability & Rehab team of WHO as well as, with International Federation of anti-leprosy associations (ILEP) and International Disability & Development Consortium (IDDC). Then for a couple of years he was based in the north-east of India as head of regional centre of Mobility India. Now he collaborates as a volunteer with humanitarian organisations.