Engaging communities in improving their own health (4) Guiding authors on where to publish

2 March, 2019

Dear Neil,

In suggesting or guiding authors on where to publish their works and issues around policy makers accessing such publications, we must realise that most publishers are from the academia and they publish to get promoted rather than getting evidence into policy and practice. That's why you will see an African or Nigerian author publishing in countries and continents outside their areas, not minding the quality of the journals. Apart from encouraging them to publish in journals with impact factors for greater visibility, I am not sure we can do much. However from my experience there are other ways of disseminating our findings that Policy makers find very attractive and useful. These include use of policy briefs, use of social media like Twitter, WhatsApp etc. These authors should therefore be encouraged to use these methods in addition to publishing in peer-reviewed journals.



HIFA profile: Benjamin Uzochukwu is a Professor at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus in Nigeria. Professional interests: Health Policy and Systems Research analysis & Getting Evidence into Policy and Practice. bscuzochukwu AT gmail.com