Ethical issues of health information? (2)

15 November, 2018

Dear Chris,

Thank you for the article. For our case in Uganda we have so many people using digital devices who collect personal health information from people without even consenting.

Some even keep such data on a server out of the country, as Uganda we came up with an eHealth policy and strategy to regulate such acts but they persisted and we worry that its a time bomb.

As a remedy Ministry of Health together with Ministry of ICT is now coming up with detailed data security, privacy and confidentiality guidelines for use by the regulators and technology implementers to make sure we protect citizens from misuse of their data.

Kind regards,


HIFA profile: Mpiima Jamiru is a Health Informatician at Health Informatics and Community Development, UHIF, in Uganda. Professional interests: Health Informatics, Big data analytics, electronic medical records, Human resources for health information systems, Health Information exchange. mpiimaj AT