Family planning in Pakistan: A site of resistance (2)

6 May, 2019

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The status of women in a society can be closely linked with the maternal health. Family planning helps women lead healthy lives and families to thrive. Perhaps maternal and child health programs should highlight the need to improve women's health by providing them the tools to decide their family's size. It is a battle that requires countering the conspiracy theories and focusing on the needs and wellbeing of the local population. Women's health includes reproductive health and family planning and reflects their status in the society. Status of women and girls can improve by education and empowerment.

Family planning allows women to stay healthy, pursue education and careers to support themselves and their families. Every woman should have the choice to excel in every aspect of life beyond their natural ability to conceive and give birth. Too many pregnancies within a short span of time take toll on women's health leaving them weak and overwhelmed.

The messaging to improve health literacy in a community must be taylored to the communities need and sensitivity to make it acceptable and adaptable.



Shabina Hussain, MBBS, DPH, MPH

Seattle, WA, USA

HIFA profile: Shabina Hussain is an independent global health consultant and is based in the USA. Professional interests: Maternal & Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive & Sexual Health, women's rights, survival of girl child, poverty eradication, Prevention of Infectious diseases. hussain.shabina AT