Free eLearning course on participatory visual methods for engagement with health

21 November, 2019

Dear colleagues

A new free online course for community engagement practitioners in low and middle-income countries is now live on The Global Health Network. It was produced as part of the Mesh Community Engagement Network learning and training resources.

The Practice and Ethics of Participatory Visual Methods for Community Engagement in Public Health and Health Science

This modular course focuses on facilitating engagement processes with groups of community residents to generate creative visual materials and foster discussion and learning about health and health research. It includes guidelines on how these visual materials can potentially be shared with other members of the public through external engagement activities and events.

The course was compiled by Gill Black (Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation) and Mary Chambers (Oxford University Clinical Research Unit).

Please share with your networks. You can take the course here: (certificates issued when module quizzes passed)

This course is formally recognised by

Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation

Oxford University Clinical Research Unit

Mesh Community Engagement Network

Wellcome Trust

The Global Health Network

Many thanks

Helen Latchem

Mesh Manager

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