FW: Public Health Learning - May 2019

25 April, 2019

I'd like to share this newsletter with the group. It includes a good amount of valuable content.

Ilya Plotkin

Assistant Director, TRAIN

Public Health Foundation

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Subject: Public Health Learning - May 2019

Public Health Learning

May 2019

Achieving Healthier Populations & Communities

Health Equity: When Will We Get There?

In creating a healthy nation, achieving health equity is key. Many of our collective efforts - elliminating heaalth disparities, improving access to care, understanding the social determinants of health - underrline our marrch toward this objective.

But how do we get there? The TRAIN Learning Network is combining efforts across organizations to build an understanding of health equity and share successful efforts to make it a reality. Explore more than 100 healthy equity-focused learning opportunities on TRAIN, participate in discussions, and share experiences from your own background...

[Read newsletter in full here: http://www.phf.org/news/Pages/Public_Health_Learning_May_2019.aspx ]

HIFA profile: Ilya Plotkin is an Assistant Director, TRAIN, Public Health Foundation in the USA. Professional interests: training and learning management in the healthcare and public health sectors. Email address: ilya.plotkin+hifa AT gmail.com