Fwd: World Patient Safety Day 2020 - Spread the word

8 July, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings. The year 2020 has been one of the most challenging time in recent history due to the COVID-19 pandemic, exerting extreme pressure on health systems around the world.

Patients and health workers are still facing extreme adversities due to infections, lack of access to essential health care services, medical errors, among others. It is becoming more evident that this year?s WPSD theme carries a special standing in providing a platform for positive change towards a healthier, safer and happier health workforce as a prerequisite for patient safety, working in an enabling, conducive and safe environment.

World Patient Safety Day 2019 was a phenomenal success; one that could never have been possible if it wasn?t for the ownership, commitment and engagement of the members of this network.

For this year?s WPSD, we are asking you once more to spread the word by circulating the enclosed WPSD 2020 information note (in English, French and Spanish - *see note below) and by re-tweeting the theme https://twitter.com/WHO/status/1279362258255204352?s=20

Link to WPSD 2020 campaign webpage is enclosed https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-patient-safety-day/2020

Please share your plan for WPSD 2020 activities on this network and also on a simple survey at this given link https://extranet.who.int/dataformv3/index.php/438714?lang=en

Coming soon: A number of communication and technical products.

The WPSD 2020 information note will also be available in Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages soon.

Please feel free to write if you would like to directly contact us at patientsafety@who.int

Thanks and best regards,


Unit Head

Patient Safety Flagship/

Decade of Patient Safety 2020-2030

Integrated Health Services

World Health Organization

Email: dhingran@who.int

Office: +41 22 791 4660

Web: www.who.int/patientsafety

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Forwarded by Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator