Germany's Global Health Hub

1 March, 2019

I was interested to see this report in the current print issue of The Lancet (2 March 2019). Citation, extracts and a request for help below.

CITATION: World report| The Lancet 2019; volume 393, issue 10174, p862, march 02, 2019

Germany's Global Health Hub

Andrew Green


'Germany is creating a new Global Health Hub, to spur collaborations between a range of sectors and ministries to tackle health challenges and to generate new approaches to addressing them...

“The Hub is a place where you discuss, where you fight”, Ilona Kickbusch, a professor and global health consultant, who was involved in developing the Hub, told The Lancet. “It's not a place where you all have the same opinion. It's a space where one discusses these issues and thinks what are the challenges and where can we work together.”

Kloss said her team is also eager to involve other German ministries in the working groups to underscore the cross-cutting nature of most global health challenges...'

HIFA looks forward to link with the new Global Health Hub, but I cannot find a website or contact. Can anyone help?

Best wishes, Neil

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