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GESI at QESymposium

6 October, 2019

Dear HIFA groups,

The Qualitative Evidence Symposium, QESymposium, will take place on October 9-11 in Brasilia.

If you are attending the Symposium, the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) Secretariat invites you to join the two sessions:

Alliance for Health Policy & Systems Research Roundtable: strengthening institutional capacity to demand, produce and use qualitative evidence

October 9th// 14.00-15.30// Main auditorium

Strengthening capacity for producing & using qualitative evidence for the Sustainable Developmental Goal

October 10th// 16.00-17.30// Classroom 1

If you are not attending the Symposium, make sure to register to virtually attend all the sessions on


More details on https://qesymposium.org/#the-symposium



Tamara Lotfi, MD,MPH


Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) Secretariat

Research Associate

Department of Internal Medicine | Faculty of Medicine

American University of Beirut

009611350000 ext. 8302

@tamaralotfi88 | Skype: tamara_loutfi

1483443953350_2eqbcxk.jpgwww.gesiinitiative.com | @GESI_Initiative

HIFA profile: Tamara Lotfi is Secretariat Coordinator of the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) at the American University of Beirut.

She is a member of the HIFA working group on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice



tl00 AT aub.edu.lb