"In a global health crisis, the world is only as strong as its weakest health system." Where is ACCESS to HEALTH INFORMATION weakest? (3)

22 May, 2020

Thank you to Joseph Ana for giving his thoughts and sharing his view of health system weaknesses. I echo his thought that if we (the HIFA membership) all put our minds to it, we can help shape current global health discussions.

Here is another question for the membership: are those who have poorest access to health information represented directly or indirectly here on HIFA - and if not, how can we make sure they are?

Also, how do we measure strength/weakness in access to health information? What are the indices for access to health information - do they exist ? And if so, are we all aware of them?


HIFA profile: Julie N Reza is a UK-based specialist in communications for biosciences, global health & international development (www.globalbiomedia.co.uk). She predominantly works with NGOs and not-for-profit organisations. Previously she was the senior science editor at TDR, based at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva; prior to this she worked at the Wellcome Trust, UK, leading educational projects on international health topics including trypanosomiasis and trachoma. She has a PhD in immunology and a specialist degree in science communication. She also has several years research and postgraduate teaching experience. She is a member of the HIFA Steering Group and HIFA Social Media Working Group. www.hifa.org/people/steering-group



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