Global Health Hub Germany (2)

2 March, 2019

Dear All,

Referring to Neil’s question about the above mentioned initiative of the German Federal Health Ministry (launched at the G20 Meeting in Hamburg in July 2017 – there has been a sort of constitutional event (Feb 19, 2019) in Bonn and there is a website prepared for the Global Health Hub Germany but still “under construction” (

The idea is to create an interdisciplinary / intersectoral forum to effectively address global health challenges with initial focus on (i) tropical diseases, (ii) cancer (prevention / screening / treatment), and (iii) antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as well as digitalization in health. GIZ ( will manage the secretary of the Hub ( and there will be events organized on the above topics with different formats: Global Health Talks, Working Groups, Webinars, and of course, an interactive website.

More information is to be launched and published soon – happy to keep you up-to-date.



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