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1 February, 2020

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This is a ‘pop-up’ area on The Global Health Network in response to requests for a knowledge hub and access to guidance on the new Novel Coronavirus outbreak; 2019-nCoV.

The Global Health Network is an open source platform that provides trusted knowledge, guidance, tools and resources to support the generation of more and better health research data. During emerging outbreaks it is vital to learn as much as possible to generate evidence on best practice for prevention, diagnosis and treatment and to facilitate effective preparedness and response for future outbreaks.

This pop-up space for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) supports evidence generation by pooling protocols, tools, guidance, templates, and research standards generated by researchers and networks working on the response to this outbreak. Findings from previous outbreaks, largely obtained during MERS and SARS, are also available. This all aims to make research faster and easier and to enable standardised, quality data to be collected and prepared for sharing.

Latest updates will be provided on transmission as well as recommendations for healthcare professionals on transmission, disease management, and care.

Please check back here for more information as we collate latest resources on this in real time.


Comment (Neil PW): This is welcome but it raises the wider question of multiple information sources on coronavirus from different organisations. The gold standard general information source for coronavirus is probably that provided by WHO: Clearly, different information services have different remits and audiences, and it is unlikely that a single service will meet everyone's needs, but there is perhaps room for greater collaboration and less duplication? This in turn is part of the bigger issue about signposting people to reliable information and protecting them from misinformation about coronavirus (which, as we have read on HIFA, is already a big and dangerous problem that is made worse by social media).

Best wishes, Neil

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