Global Health Now: Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Cervical Cancer

4 February, 2019

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No one ever talked about cervical cancer in the village where Angela Mutunga grew up. No one knew that it is caused by a common virus, HPV, or that it is preventable - and easily treated when detected early. When they went to a clinic, no one asked when they last had a Pap test or any kind of screening.

After her friend’s mother died, Mutunga, who heads up global policy and advocacy for Jhpiego, set out to change that. She organized a women’s group in Kenya to raise awareness about the disease that killed 311,365 women globally last year - most in Africa and Asia.

In this exclusive commentary, she and Celina Schocken, executive director of TogetHer, map out the case for a global push. Investing in a comprehensive global HPV vaccine and screening program could avert 5.2 million cases and 3.7 million deaths. “It’s within our grasp to eliminate cervical cancer,” they say.

“Together, we can marshal a movement akin to the one that’s bringing down the rate of maternal mortality worldwide. Today, fewer women die in childbirth than of cervical cancer,” they write.


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