Guardian article: Majority of anti-vaxx ads on Facebook are funded by just two organizations

14 November, 2019

Dear Neil & Colleagues,

I thought this Guardian article may interest members of the forum:

It is about a study published in VACCINE:!

Some quotes, but please read the full article if you can for the context:

"The majority of Facebook ads spreading misinformation about vaccines are funded by two organizations run by well-known anti-vaccination activists, a new study in the journal Vaccine has found"

"Facebook’s micro-targeting algorithms, unlike television, radio or newspapers, have allowed anti-vaccine groups to home in on individuals who might be susceptible to doubts about vaccines."

" “From our organizational perspective, vaccine misinformation causes real harm to individuals and their communities.” " [a quote in the article]

"Researchers also said new Facebook rules established to promote transparency are actually penalizing pro-vaccination ads by hospitals and healthcare providers."

Best wishes


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