Health Information and Libraries Journal (HILJ) Virtual Issue 2019 - free resource

11 June, 2019

To support the EAHIL Workshop taking place in Basel in June 2019 the Health Information and Libraries Journal (HILJ) has compiled a virtual issue entitled "Wither health librarianship? Many questions, many options". The EAHIL Workshop has six main themes. The 2019 HILJ virtual issue, edited by Jeannette Murphy contains articles that are in line with five of the themes "roadmap of our profession", "technology uptake", "impact and assessment", "benchmarking and advocacy" and "evidence based practice".

The virtual issue mirrors the format of the regular journal, namely a review article, five original articles and the three regular features, covering Dissertations into Practice, International Perspectives and Initiatives and Learning and Teaching in Action. All these articles have been published in HILJ over the last three years.

All articles in the virtual issue are available free online at and you can follow us on Twitter @HILJnl<>

Jeannette Murphy

HIFA profile: Jeannette Murphy is a Honorary Senior Researcher (retired) at University College London in United Kingdom and has a professional interest in health informatics; education and training; health science librarianship; and consumer health. Email address: j_murphy_london AT