Health information for hurricanes and tropical storms (2)

13 September, 2018

Please note that in relation to the upcoming expected hurricane season and of high relevance at the moment, Evidence Aid’s windstorm collection has been updated within the last 3 weeks:

It includes systematic reviews which are categorised in the following broad areas:

Community responses and needs

Deciding and preparing to evacuate

Dust storms and wind pollution

Floods and water impacts

Health impacts

Mental health impacts

Readiness, forecasting, mitigation and adaptation

Other useful information

Note that although not searchable yet, all the summaries of reviews are available in Spanish and French - please get in touch with me should you require any of them - with the author namme and year of the systematic review. Please copy Mirela Zaneva ( and Jane Higgins ( into any correspondence in case I am unable to respond immediately.

If you use this information and have any feedback (positive or negative) please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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