Health information repositories cannot impact patients. Why? (4)

11 September, 2019


This mail is in response to Kenneth's reply to my post on Health Information Repositories.

My post is not intended to say that repositories are not needed nor that repositories should not be accessed by patients. The fact is that for a vast majority of people, visiting a library or accessing a repository is intellectually challenging. That said, we actually need enlightened patients. And, for this to happen, patients need byte-sized information that is relevant to them. This byte-sized information is now focused on by social media posts and patients are now consuming inaccurate information. There is a need to break this flow. Additionally, there is a need to restore the doctor-patient trust factor which can happen when the doctor also prescribes information.

Regards/ Rameshwar

HIFA profile: Rameshwar is Co-founder of Bamboo Wellness Solutions LLP in India. Professional interests: Health literacy, Information therapy, Healthcare professional - Patient engagement. Email address: rameshwar AT