How to promote evidence-based medicine?

4 May, 2019

Dear Massimo,

You ask: "How can we encourage these clinicians to be evidence based medicine more oriented?"

I would like to encourage discussion and debate here on CHIFA and also on our sister forum HIFA (general health).

You have already made two interesting suggestions:

1. "obliging (obliging...not simply encouraging) them to write down a complete report of the medical contact, inclusive of Diagnosis and treatment. The same as they do for in-patients, every day ofthe admission period: the difference is that in case of out-patient the report is given directly to the patient. Indeed health belongs to the patient, not to the doctor: he/she must know his/her diagnose and keep it with care and secrecy... Only one document please: the personal health booklet, not to be left in the clinic... but instead to stay WITH the patient."

2. "National Clinical Guidelines (NCG )should stay permanently on the doctor's desk. He or she wont be allowed to write down a diagnose that is not reported in NCG.

I look forward to comments and further suggestions from CHIFA (and HIFA) members. One fundamental suggestion I would add relates to understanding (among health workers especially, but also among patients) of what evidence-based medicine is, why it matters, and how it can be practised.

In the meantime, Massimo do you have any research (or personal observations) that look at the impact of the above interventions on evidence-based medicine?

Best wishes, Neil

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