How should Wellcome best support science to achieve its mission of improving health? (2)

4 February, 2019

HI Neil,

I very much agree with you. I think we tend to rely on technology (the application of science) to do the heavy lifting, but technology can only build existing insights into everyday life, it can't address the question of how to do it's own work better.

There are a number of emerging or developing disciplines that do investigate questions about the last leg of integrating science into the public domain:

- Behavioural Science (which draws on psychology, economics and neuroscience),

- UX design is much more science than art as it is mainly a process of hypothesis testing about the way people interact with systems (be they technological systems, human systems or administrative systems). There are sub-disciplines emerging within this field, such as 'human-computer interaction'.

- Anthropological methods such as ethnography often support the above

I would be interested to see whether Wellcome will build support for such disciplines into its thinking, and also to know what other HIFA members think about these disciplines.

All the best,


HIFA profile: David Neal is Founder of Vesalian, United Kingdom. He is a doctor, with a degree in behavioural science with anthropology. He is also working on ways to support shared, data-driven decision-making in healthcare, by making the best information, the easiest information for patients and professionals to access, understand and remember. Email address: