Human Resources for Health: Reducing inappropriate use of antibiotics in LMICs (2)

12 February, 2020

Hi Neil

The behavioural and social science community have been doing lots of research on the psychology and sociology of stewardship including prescribing. For (?all) human behaviours there will be a variety of influences. The issue with 'education' or 'training' as a paradigm is that the focus is on the individual competence or capability or, as Miller¹s Pyramid would define the knows, knows how and shows how. Of course capability / competence is an important influence on behaviour but the other influences are also important (as this work shows). These other influences are rarely systematically targeted by training and education interventions, but training and education continues to be the most common way that we seek to change HCP practices.

It is time for a paradigm change away from a model of competency, intended learning outcomes and training, towards a model of influences on behaviour, intended behavioural outcomes and interventions. For anyone who is interested, we have some elearning on this topic at which are open access.



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