IFLA Congress: "Information is more essential than ever"

27 August, 2019

Dear HIFA colleagues

I am forwarding a message below from the International Federation of Library Association [IFLA] discussion forum. IFLA is holding its World Library and Information Congress in Athens this week. https://2019.ifla.org/ We wish everyone at the Congress a successful meeting and look forward to hear reflections from HIFA members present.

Meanwhile, yesterday IFLA published its new Strategy 2019-2024: https://www.ifla.org/node/92409

I have been a member of the IFLA forum for several years and I sense that IFLA is increasingly active, focused and effective in its advocacy around the fundamental importance of the availability and use of information. In no area is this more essential than in healthcare information and on behalf of the HIFA Library and Information Services working group I look forward to the possibility of greater collaboration between IFLA and HIFA to advocate for universal access to healthcare information.


From: Reyna Manu Rabiaza <reyna.josvah@gmail.com>

To: ifla-l@infoserv.inist.fr, ATINA-C@infoserv.inist.fr

Subject: [IFLA-L] Session 256 - Legislative access to Information - ATINA SIG

Dear delegates,

Access to information is in the "heart of development". As IFLA General Secretary said "Information is more essential than ever to our lives. Those who do not have it, or who do not know how to use it, are at a growing disadvantage. #Libraries have a duty to ensure #AccessTo Information for all”.

For ATINA session on Thursday 29th August 2019, " LEGISLATION IN AFRICA FOR ACCESS TO INFORMATION" :

- to summarize description of what is an effective access to information concept

- to share some indicators of access to information in Africa,

- to discuss, to collect problems, best practices, challenge to make effective principles in the Access to Information Act beyonfd Information Profesionnals.

So, The session will allow us:

- to review and discuss African countries which already adopted anAccess to Information Law for a transparency, and an opened government or not,

- to identify problems why certain countries cannot applicate effectively all principles in the Law,

- to identify problems why project of Access to information Law is not elaborated nor adopted,

At the end of the session, we will be able to collect :

- Best practices in other countries having or not access to information Law where citizens are able to benefit impacts from an opened and transparent government beyond existence of Governmental Library.and sharing experiences in advocacy actions to adopt a project of Access to Information Law,

- Countries where access to information principles are well applicated.

If you have best practices to share with us, if you wish to know about Acces to Information on the world in general, and in particular in Africa, THANKS TO JOIN US, on Thursday 29 of August, Business meeting Room 4, 10h45 to 12h15.

Reyna Josvah-Rabiaza

Convenor of ATINA SIG

Comité pour la Sauvegarde de l'Intégrité (CSI)

Antananarivo Madagascar


Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Library and Information Services


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