Improving resource mobilisation for global health R&D: a role for coordination platforms?

24 March, 2019

Interesting new paper from Gavin Yamey and colleagues in BMJ GLobal Health:

CITATION: Beyeler N, Fewer S, Yotebieng M, et al Improving resource mobilisation for global health R&D: a role for coordination platforms? BMJ Global Health 2019;4:e001209.


- Achieving many of the health targets in the Sustainable Development Goals will not be possible without scaling up financing for global health R&D, including product development.

- Barriers to closing the funding gap for global health R&D include a lack of coordination across global health R&D finance initiatives, lack of robust R&D priority-setting processes and insufficient transparency among R&D initiatives.

- The launch of a new global health R&D coordination platform could address these challenges by establishing consensus on R&D priorities, facilitating information sharing across investors and research institutions, building accountability mechanisms for R&D investments and curating a portfolio of prioritised R&D investment opportunities.

- To be successful, such a coordination platform must link global and national priority-setting processes across multiple diseases, develop an international ‘roadmap’ for conducting R&D and include a strategy for the financial sustainability of a publicly owned and managed platform secretariat.


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