Indexing in Medline of journals from outside Europe and North America (2)

5 June, 2019

I am compelled to respond to Keith's observation about the poor representation of Africa in Medline. This is not a new issue. I have personally engaged on this subject in many publications. In an audited census of journals in Africa conducted by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) in 2016, there were over 1700 qualified journals in the continent of Africa. Almost six hundred of these are open access journals. We start asking further questions?

First are African journal editors and managers really interested in ensuring that their journals are indexed in the Northern databases?

A second question is probably more serious. Why are institutions, journals managers and editors, and others in Africa reluctant in creating databases of their research outputs? Waiting for Medline and others to sympathise and then include African journals in their indexes will continue to empower exclusionary policies that reduce the presence of knowledge from Africa in global reckoning. How do we encourage African curation of African knowledge resources? When will the "frequency distribution" of knowledge produced in Africa be based on an African database? This is the question on my mind.

HIFA profile: Williams Nwagwu teaches Informetrics and other quantitative applications in Information Science at the Africa Regional Centre for Information Science (ARCIS), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Dr Nwagwu is on the editorial board, as well as the being the Editor (ICT, Africa) of the World Review of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (WRSTSD,, a journal of the World Association for Sustainable Development located in University of Sussex in England. willieezi AT