Indexing in Medline of journals from outside Europe and North America (7) Global Index Medicus

11 June, 2019

The WHO's Global Index Medicus includes the regional Index Medicus of

Africa (AFRO)

Americas (AMRO/PAHO)

Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO)

Europe (EURO)

South-East Asia (SEARO)

Western Pacific (WPRO)

and is available at .

It also links to:

Regional Indexes


Global Index

Regional Indexes, MEDLINE, SciELO

Institutional Repository


The Global Index Medicus appears to be an invaluable resource, but doesn't seem as well known as it should be. I would be interested in hearing people's experiences with using it (off list if you prefer).


Margaret Winker

Margaret Winker, MD

Trustee, WAME



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