Information sharing: COVID-19

25 March, 2020

Many thanks for the information circulation about the coronavirus.

Many people are actually versed with what is happening and the preventive measures.

I will also like to thank those who have taken the pains to share their technology and assistance in the management and treatment of this virus. I want to thank especially the medical team from Cuba that has decided to offer their skills and technology with their Italian counterparts. The situation in Italy is actually devastating and we need to pray for them. We need to encourage the Cuban medical team while also thanking them for the voluntary and sacrifice they are making. We should also encourage them to share their technology and skills with other countries.

If someone can contact them, let him or her send their contact. We need to follow this example in this forum.


Chia Benard Ful

Director BARUDEV


CHIFA profile: Chia Benard Ful is a Medical Lab Technician at Boyo Association in Cameroon. barudev AT