International Handbook of Health Literacy: Research, practice and policy across the lifespan

21 October, 2019

(with thanks to Irina Ibraghimova and LRC Network)

International Handbook of Health Literacy : Research, practice and policy across the lifespan (2019)

'Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. Health literacy addresses a range of social dimensions of health, including knowledge, navigation and communication, as well as individual and organizational skills for accessing, understanding, evaluating and using information. Particularly over the past decade, health literacy has globally become a major public health concern as an asset for promoting health, wellbeing and sustainable development.';keyword=Health%20literacy

Selected extract:

'In public health, the development of health literacy is ongoing at all levels. This continued development is best expressed by several national policies in Europe (Heijmans et al, 2015), and by the WHO’s recent launch of its first Health Literacy Collaboration Centre with Director Richard Osborne, located in Australia (Deakin University, 2017). Besides the ongoing and tremendous public health efforts addressing health literacy in Europe, North America and the Australasian region, there is only little to no work still in Africa, very little in the Middle East, India and South America, and also very little in Russia and the Slavic countries in Europe (Pleasant, 2013a, b).'

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