International Health Partners and Access to Medicine

5 February, 2019

Hello fellow HIFA members,

I have been a member of the community for some time but have not posted before. I thought I'd use my first message to introduce the NGO I work for International Health Partners (IHP). IHP is a UK-based global health charity that coordinates the safe and responsible donation of medicines to reach those who would otherwise have little or no access. We work with a wide range of partners around the world to support long-term healthcare programmes, respond rapidly to humanitarian disasters, and equip doctors and other healthcare professionals with supplies for short-term medical trips. IHP is the largest coordinator of donated medical product in Europe with a strong network of healthcare industry donors.

From a personal perspective I have a keen interest in sustainable health partnerships and in falsified and substandard medicines.


HIFA profile: Patrick Keys is Health Programme Manager, DTP, at International Health Partners in the UK. p.keys AT