International Patient Safety Day

10 May, 2019

Dear All,

Greetings. I would like to call your attention to an international initiative called “Patient Safety Day”, which was started by the German Coalition for Patient Safety/Aktionsbuendnis Patientensicherheit (APS). The purpose is to build up an international network of organizations engaging in patient safety activities in order to motivate governments and their officials, but also caregivers, health insurances, healthcare organizations, educational institutions e.g. to become active for patient safety. Beginning in 2015 with the three countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland the initiative has been international from the start. Since May 2nd there is the possibility to register Your organizations and/or activities around the Patient Safety Day on Sept. 17th under the link: With regard to the oncoming meeting of WHA this might be a strong signal to strengthen patient safety.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ilona Koester-Steinebach

Managing Director

German Coalition for Patient Safety/

Aktionsbuendnis Patientensicherheit e.V. (APS)

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D- 10117 Berlin


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Chair: Hedwig Francois-Kettner / Vice-Chair: Dr. Ruth Hecker / General Secretary: Hardy Mueller / Managing Director: Dr. Ilona Koester-Steinebach; Amtsgericht Marburg VR 2276