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Internet-in-a-Box (3)

22 September, 2018

Sure Ralueke

Happy to collaborate. Would love to see the devices being made and distributed locally. The devices are made up of three peices of hardware 1) a raspberry pi zero w 2) a class 10 micro SD card 3) a plastic box.

The 3D printing file (stl) for the box is avaliable under an open license so you can print them locally. We can work on an image file or a few different image files for different sizes of micro SD cards. We have a 16 Gb version with English medical content plus Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba which looks like this http://medbox.iiab.me/medbox-ng/ We have shipped about a dozen to Nigeria so far.

You can download that image file from our partners at Internet Archives here https://archive.org/details/iiab-6.4-180219-medbox-beta2.1-nigeria-g3ea4... We are using actual open access licenses, thus commercial reuse is allowed.


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