Introduction: Joseph Atukunda, Uganda

28 April, 2019

Hello all dear colleagues on HIFA,

I'm Joseph Atukunda diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 1998. Here is my story by BBC and you can watch and ask questions. I'm trying to do mental health awareness raising through this:

Live in mindfulness,

Cheers and regards

Atukunda Joseph Kahigiriza

President and Founder Heartsounds

VP for Africa on the Board of Directors World Federation for Mental Health 2017-2019

Ave Maria Rd Nsambya

P.O.Box 30221 Kampala

Tel/Fax: +256 414 269438

Mobile: +256 782 611688, +256 704 594406

HIFA Profile: Joseph Atukunda is VP Africa on the Board of Directors, World Federation for Mental Health, Uganda.

Professional interests: Mental Health awareness raising and Peer support, Logistics, Accounts.

Email address: josephheartsoundsug AT