Introduction: Joseph Atukunda, Uganda (5) Mental health (4)

1 May, 2019

Hi Joseph thanks for your persistent hard work of promoting awareness of mental health, illness, wellness, recovery and stigma. For the period I have known you since late 1990s, you have been exemplary, inspirational and a leader in this struggle for the less powerful, hurting and whose voices are hardly heard population. 

You have walked tall where you were have been scorned by others with lots of knowledge from books but not experience.

Well done Joseph, and Neil for this collaborative, joint productive initiative, the efforts to improve on what Joseph and others have been doing will go far in dissemination of information that aids all the stages of mental health. User and caregivers would be empowered and clinician is likely to find resource helpful.

The paradigm shift should be located in the questions and answers by those who have experienced any of the stages or situations hence asa contribution to this joint initiative I suggest:

1. To create ways and means to train support services users in being confident and competent to ask questions and believe that they are co-producers of their well ness and solution to the negative views about mental health

2. To support clinician appreciate the role ofservice users in the formulation, construction, and definition of the challenges and solutions around better services provisions and equitable access to established, evidence based, low cost interventions including research activities.

Best wishes

William Masembe Nkata

(Independent mental health practitioner/advocate)

EastAfrican Health Forum Mental health lead UK

HIFA Profile: William Nkata works in Mental Health, UK.

Email: williamnkata AT