Introduction, Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens, Canada - Canadian Association of Midwives

28 November, 2018

Hello All,

My name is Kathy ann Daniel-Gittens and I work as a technical education consultant with the Canadian Association of midwives. The association is involved in a lot of capacity building work with midwives in East Africa and the Caribbean. I am currently working on a project in South Sudan with the association and this is how I found your group.

I look forward to adding to the discussion when I can.

Best regards,



Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

HIFA profile: Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens is a Technical Education Consultant at the Canadian Association of Midwives in Canada. Professional interests: Midwifery Education, Maternal and Child healthcare in Developing Countries, Nutrition, Pharmacology and Healthcare leadership. Email address: kdaniel.gittens AT