Introduction: Md. Wamique Izhar, India

14 April, 2019

Hello, fellow Members!

My name is Md. Wamique Izhar. I'm a final year MBBS student at the Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research and SSKM Hospital, Kolkata.

Growing up in an environment, where I have seen misconceptions about diseases, irrational prescribing of medicine and a general lack of awareness among people about basic health, has made me strongly think of our future roles as healthcare professionals. My interests lie in proper patient education, spreading awareness about rational prescribing of medicines, and engaging in research on statistical profiles of diseases.

Hoping to connect with like minded people and organisations to achieve our aims!

HIFA profile: Md. Wamique Izhar is a Medical Student at Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, India. Professional interests: Making healthcare accessible for all, encouraging statistical research on disease profiles, rational prescribing of medicines, patient education. Email: wamique96izhar AT