Introduction: Sharmistha Sharma, Nepal

21 November, 2018

Dear HIFA Members,

Warm Greeting from Nepal.

My name is Sharmistha Sharma and I am a new member of HIFA.

I am currently doing my Masters in Sociology as well as work as a freelancer in social science research areas. I have about more than 2 years of experience working in the field of public health as a Intern, Volunteer, Health Officer and WASH Officer. Apart for my academic and work I have been actively involved with various youth groups too and have been awarded "Hanyang University Social Change Maker Scholar" in Manila for a project name GiFT "Girls Friendly Toilet".

My professional interest is in epidemiology, maternal and neonatal health, neglected tropical diseases and new public health threats.

Thank you for your time.

Warm regards

Sharmistha Sharma

HIFA profile: Sharmistha Sharma is a Masters Student at the Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus in Nepal. Professional interests: Sharmistha Sharma is a public health graduate, currently doing her Masters in Sociology. As part of her studies she works as a freelance researcher particularly in the field of social science. She started her career as a volunteer during the emergency period and served as an Officer under Emergency Relief and Response project in earthquake affected areas of Nepal for more than a year. She was selected as a participant in the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) program in Thailand where she learned about entrepreneurship and leadership and with that passion to serve the community. She developed a project named GiFT "Girls friendly toilet" for which she was awarded a Hanyang University Social Change Maker Scholar and got the opportunity to participate in Asia Pacific Youth Exchange program in Manila. She has a keen interest in epidemiology, maternal and neonatal health and new public health threats. Email address: