Introduction: Taiye Adedoyin, Nigeria - Health education and microbiology

7 July, 2019

Many people are not mindful of the links between lifestyle and health. Awareness can be improved by knowing the causes of disease and informing the public on how to stay away from anything that can affect the normal functioning of the body. A lot of people in rural areas need to be educated and enlightened.

I am studying microbiology - it is a good course in my school, it is a versatile course which almost deals with every area of life or Field, for example we have industrial microbiology which i love so much where they deals with food,water, beverage, and all, there's petroleum, environmental, medical,soil, clinical microbiology and lot more and they are all very interesting. About my experience in the rural health areas due to my schooling i've been limited to travel and work for a very long time but during holidays I've gained few experience in some areas and couple with the fact that I love traveling I've been to few places I noticed this challenges.

HIFA profile: Taiye Adedoyin is a Student at Kwara State University in Nigeria. Professional interests: Microbiology. Email address: taiyeadeyemi96 AT