Introduction: Valerie Walker, USA - Global Medical Libraries

9 April, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to join the HIFA forum. Allow me to introduce myself:

Valerie Walker is the Founder & Executive Director of Global Medical Libraries (GML) in the United States. The project reflects Valerie’s passion to improves global health care in developing countries one book at a time through donated health sciences educational resources, which contribute to advancing the quality of pre-service education. Since GML's inception in April 2007, over $2.5 MM of health sciences textbooks have been donated to 32 countries spread over 5 continents, at no expense to the recipients or their governments. Email address:​​ Website: LinkedIn Profile: Twitter: @GlobalMedLibs Facebook:@GlobalMedLibs

I’d like to challenge anyone who lives in an advanced country to consider starting a GML book project in your own country. I’ve received inquiries from health care professionals in Australia and the UK who would like to donate their books to GML recipients. It is too cost prohibitive from them to mail the books to the US. So they can’t participate. If anyone is interested in brainstorming with me in how to start a GML in your country, please email me at

Kind regards,


HIFA profile: Valerie Walker is a Founder & Executive Director with Global Medical Libraries in United States and has a professional interest in Improving global health care in developing countries one book at a time. Email address: info AT